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Are you looking for a long term investment with a fantastic return? If so this could be for you. We have acquired and have access to a large quantity of properties which are available at half, yes half the bank valuation price. These properties are available as part of our equity release program.

How does it work? We acquire the properties from the elderly owners to enable them to enjoy the rest of their lives in the house they know, without financial worries and without the hassle of having to move or of burdening themselves with debt. So basically we buy their house at half of its bank valuation and give them the right to live in the property until they die. The property is maintained at their expense and is inspected by us every six months. The property goes directly in the name of the investor at the time of investment with a clause that the old owner can remain in the property until their death (usufructo in Spanish). Then on their death the property passes directly to the investor, no probate, no taxes and no transfer charges. We have a lawyer who can handle all the details for you.

What are the costs involved? As well as the purchase price you still have to allow for 10% on top to cover taxes, legal, notary and land registry fees as with any purchase in Spain. We also charge a management fee of €500.00 per annum to keep an eye on the property which includes 2 six monthly inspections, keeping you updated with anything to do with the property and acquiring confirmation that the tenant is still alive.

As an investment this is a fantastic opportunity with no risk what so ever. Looked at as a long term investment, not only do you double your money as soon as you buy it but also you get to benefit from the healthy increase in value of Spanish properties. This has averaged at 5% over the last 10 years, which equates to a capital increase of 10% for you as you bought at half price and that is on top of the 100% you have already made. Should the tenant die in 10 years you would make 100% plus 10% per year over 10 years compounded, which comes out at 260%, the equivalent to 26% a year. The longer the tenant lives the more you make, but should the tenant die early your investment is immediately returned to you, even if they die in 6 months the property is immediately handed over to you. What an opportunity for the shrewd investor.

What is in it for us? We buy these properties ourselves but we can’t buy all of them so we are passing on the opportunity for others to invest as well. But we do charge the current owner a fee for organising the sale and we get the management fee from the investor.

If you are looking to make a large investment we can organise and manage a Spanish company on your behalf to hold the assets in the most tax efficient way.

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